Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Because....

This guy, as you know from my last post, is my favourite owl!
I just had to post a photo of him all on his own...

 And just so these other guys don't feel left out.....
This is Mr Hoot - my very first owl! 

Red Heart published this pattern in their 12 Days of Christmas patterns in December last year.
I felt the urge to have to make this. It was supposed to be tree ornament size, but I used thicker yarn
and a larger hook and ended up with an owl that stands about 6" high (lol) 

And this last one is from the Annie's Attic- Fantasy Doorstops book. 
I left out the bottle weight and altered the wings slightly so they have some definition. 
My son tells me that he looks constantly surprised :)  

 These are the only ones that I have taken single photo's of so far, maybe some time in the near future when I can remember to keep my camera batteries charged long enough, I may do a proper photo shoot with them this space :)

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