Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reveal #1

Well, two of the projects I completed but couldn't share went to their new home this week. They were presents for my son's girlfriend's 18th birthday. She's a huge Super Mario fan, but prefers Luigi, so I made her a Luigi amigurumi (courtesy of Wolfdreamer) and a matching Yoshi (courtesy of Robotrish).
My son delivered them on Monday night, I couldn't do it myself, so got him to do it on my behalf and I recieved a message thanking me profusely and I was told that I'm awesome LOL
I'm glad that she liked them!
So without further they are.....

 I think they turned out pretty cute! I've already been asked if I can make other things and would I do so for other people :)
Excuse me while I go and deflate my head LOL

Stay tuned for Reveal # 2, which is still a while off.....

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Been A While.....

Well it's been a while since I've had a chance to revisit and update any posts.

Life has been pretty hectic for me over the past few months. My 85 year old mother had to come and live with us as she was no longer capable of living alone. Mum was diagnosed with epilepsy approximately 2 years ago and her health has been deteriorating ever since. At the time of this post, mum is currently in hospital and not doing too well. She was admitted last week suffering from major confusion and was very unsteady on her feet, so the doctor thought it best to admit her and run tests and keep her under close supervision. I have to go and meet with the doctor later on this afternoon and find out what is going to happen from here on out.

It's so hard watching someone who has been there all your life and you've alway seen as being strong and independent, become a shell of their former self. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this would be the way things would turn out. I'm just glad that I have had these past few months to spend with mum and being able to be there for her like she's always been for me.

I love you, mum <3

Secret Crafters Business....

I decided that I would give a bit of a teaser in regards to my last post about what I've been up to.

I'm only going to show small snippets of each item and let's see if anyone can figure out what they are! :)

Ok I know! Not the greatest snippet but you should still be able to get an idea of what it may be!

Same colour as the previous picture, but this is not the same object. It's something completely different. Do those eyes look familiar?? lol

 This is something that I have designed myself and is going to someone special. It's a definite case of 'rebel crafting' and I hope the intended recipient likes it as much as I do!

 This final snippet is from a cute little project that I just had to make for someone. This has another dose of rebel crafting because I didn't like a part of it, so chose to do it my way!

Any ideas as to what they could be??? No??
I guess you'll just have to wait until I can post the full photo's. 
Stay tuned! :)  

Something Crafty This Way Comes...

Even though things have been pretty much up in the air over the past few months, I've still managed to make time here and there, for my favourite hobby.....Crochet!
And I've also taken another leapt into creating things with felt and embroidery thread 

Rather than go into the tedious details of everything I've been doing, I think I'll just show you :) 

These two cuties are from a pattern called "Mama & Baby Owl" by Esbelotta. I saw the pattern on Etsy and just had to have it. I think they are gorgeous and I love the way they turned out. 

This strange little fellow is from a pattern kit I purchased at our local craft store, Spotlight. I played around a bit and changed the colour combinations and 'rebel crafted' the eyes differently. I think it's pretty cute!
I decided that I was in need of a new holder for my mobile phone and came across this cute pattern in a new book called "Happy Stitch" and just had to make it. It's the perfect size for my phone and everyone that's seen it so far, has commented on it and wanted one of their own. I told them that I'll gladly take orders lol.    

Another sewn's a cute little bag that put I together made from felt and artificial leather. Every one of those "feathers" on its belly are hand sewn, as is the rest of the bag. It was a long tedious job with all that sewing, but I'm happy with the end result. It isn't the biggest in size, but it's perfect for holding all my USB drives and Ipod and Kindle cables and it currently hangs on a hook above my desk :) 
Yes! I know they are all Owls! lol
I promise that I have been working on other things that aren't owl related, but I can't show you at the moment because they are gifts that are still waiting to be delivered to their new homes. Can't have the intended recipients finding out what they are getting before they receive them!!
So I guess you'll just have to stay tuned for those! :)  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Owls :)

OK! So I'm still on the owl kick. To date, I have made 14 and have another one that I am finishing off tonight. Here's one that I made a couple of weeks ago, not crocheted, but from my felt and button stash for a change! I think it turned out really nice. I might just have to make some more of these in different sizes and colours :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Creative Daughter

It's good to know that I am not the only creative one in the family. My daughter also seems to have a creative streak!
My mother gave her a pair of shoes and she hated the fact that they were so plain. She's 16 and very fashion conscious.
She came up with a plan to do something with the shoes, all she needed was some greaseproof (baking) paper, some sharpie markers and creativity. 
This is what she came up with.....

I love the way she's chosen a "theme" for each shoe. One for Dinosaurs and the other for Monsters. All her friends are nagging her to make them a pair, but she tells them they are "one of a kind" shoes. My girl definitely likes to be unique!
I think they turned out wonderful! 

And here's the creator....

She will most likely hate me for posting this photo of her here, but, thems the breaks kiddo! 
Love ya Eb :)  

Just Because....

This guy, as you know from my last post, is my favourite owl!
I just had to post a photo of him all on his own...

 And just so these other guys don't feel left out.....
This is Mr Hoot - my very first owl! 

Red Heart published this pattern in their 12 Days of Christmas patterns in December last year.
I felt the urge to have to make this. It was supposed to be tree ornament size, but I used thicker yarn
and a larger hook and ended up with an owl that stands about 6" high (lol) 

And this last one is from the Annie's Attic- Fantasy Doorstops book. 
I left out the bottle weight and altered the wings slightly so they have some definition. 
My son tells me that he looks constantly surprised :)  

 These are the only ones that I have taken single photo's of so far, maybe some time in the near future when I can remember to keep my camera batteries charged long enough, I may do a proper photo shoot with them this space :)

Whoooooo Goes There.....

It's been a while since I've had a chance to update this page. Life has been pretty hectic, to say the least!
I've been on an amigurumi kick lately and have been making owls. I've made them in all shapes and sizes, knit and crochet and still have some more to make, but they have been put on a hold for now because I decided I needed a new tote bag instead :)
Here they all are:  

 As you can see, there is quite an eclectic collection of both paid and free patterns! My favourite one would have to be the knitted Alan Dart "Night Owl". You can't miss him in his green pj's and clutching his little teddy bear :)  Cuteness overload!!!