Thursday, March 31, 2011

Laptop/Notebook Cosy

I finally managed to save enough money to buy myself a laptop and didn't have anywhere to store it. I looked around the shops and couldn't find anything that I liked in the price range I could afford, so I decided to go through my stash and see what yarn I had lurking in there.
I found some co-ordinating colours and just needed to find a pattern.
After hunting around forever for a suitable pattern, I couldn't find one I liked, so I decided to create my own and this is what I came up with.
Unfortunately I didn't write it down so don't have a pattern to share but it's pretty simple.
I even decided to make a similar cosy for my iPod Touch.


Little Green Man

I not only crochet, but I knit as well and came across a gorgeous Alan Dart pattern called Yuletide Gnomes late last year. I made a few of them in Christmas colours to give to my mother and mother-in-law and a couple of friends as Christmas presents and I couldn't resist making one for myself.
I chose not to have traditional Christmas colours with mine, so I made him in green and he doesn't have to get packed away for most of the year. I think he's way too cute to be packed in a box and he has been given his own little home and is on display for the whole year.
These are so easy to make...

Here Kitty Kitty......

My daughter is a huge Hello Kitty fan and after looking around the shops and seeing the prices they were charging for the mass manufactured felt Hello Kitty dolls that were tiny, I decided to surprise her and have a bit of a hunt around to see what was available on the web. I found the perfect pattern and within a couple of days, my daughter had her very own Hello Kitty.
I think she's adorable!!


This is my first blog. I've been meaning to do one for a long time, but just never seem to get around to it.
Today I decided that enough was enough, so here I am finally getting it done.
I hope that you enjoy what I have to share with you and that you find something that you like.
I don't know how often I will be able to update this page, but hopefully it won't be too long between visits.